Revenewtree | Workflow
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How we do what we do.


Every endeavor that we embark on begins with Revenewtree asking a lot of questions, and a lot of listening to the client. Together, we will assess your needs and determine our goals for the project. Equipped with the proper information, we can develop insights into your target and your brand, and how they can best connect. We will create a game plan, and provide you with ideas and framework that will become the execution of the finished product.


The concept and design of any given project happens at this point. After carefully mapping out of the game plan, we will provide you with design comps, wireframes, scripts and anything else needed to convey our shared vision for the project. Once our concept is reviewed, tweeked and approved, Revenewtree will begin creating a comprehensive visual design that will guide the rest of the project.


At this point we build, execute, shoot or produce your project. Taking careful steps to be sure every last visual, fact, feeling or tone is captured in the same manner that we set out to accomplish in the beginning. This step is where we see the demo site, rough cut commercial or whatever our shared vision may be, come to life.


Whether we’re editing a commercial, tweeking a headline, changing some keywords or refining responsiveness, this is the final stage before we will launch your project. We make sure your website looks great on every users’ browsing device, the tone of your TV spot rings true to your brand message, or your promotional campaign has all the pieces in place for kickoff. This is where we perfect the project!


3,2,1… We hit that ignition switch. Your site goes live, your ad campaign launches or your new product hits the App store; but the work is not done. We are here to foster the growth and success of any project we’re involved with by providing tech support, analysis of predetermined metrics & detailed reports that measure the results, effectiveness, and reach of your project.